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Why Should We Recycle Office Waste Paper?

It doesn’t matter if you roll out of bed and barefoot it over to your PC to start you workday or if you work outside of the home, you can help save forests by making better choices about your paper use. As unbelievable as it may seem in a time when more people and businesses are going green, old-growth trees are still being clear-cut for paper products. According to current estimates,...

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Big Business Sees the Value in Waste Paper Recycling

Many of the most recognizable big-box retailers are “cashing in” on waste paper recycling opportunities. Wal-Mart and Big Lots are just two to see the value in waste paper recycling, according to a recent article in the Charleston Business Journal. Corrugated cardboard is the greatest source of waste paper collected by recyclers says, Ron Novas with Miami Waste Paper. And these large...

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Recycling Facts That Might Surprise You

Cardboard Recycling Did you know that more than 90% of all products moving across the US are shipped in corrugated packages? Understandably, Old Corrugated Cardboard (or OCC) makes up a large percentage of the solid waste stream. And almost all of that comes from the non-residential or industrial sector. OCC takes up a lot of space in dumpsters because of its bulk. It is unwieldy and adds to...

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What Happens to All of That Recycled Office Paper?

As more and more businesses see the value in going green, paper recycling programs are springing up across the nation and paper recycling in Florida is more popular than ever. So you might wonder, “Where is all of that recycled paper actually going? Does the copy paper or cardboard I recycle in Florida today, become the office paper I write on tomorrow?” Actually most of it does...

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